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December 2008 Newsletter

There are so many things to cover!!! First on the agenda is an apology for having missed a fall newsletter. Life caught up with us and just ruined any hope of getting caught up on many things. Pat tore her right knee in August and has been out of commission since then. She was finally able to have a total knee in November. She is doing well but has a lot of strength to regain from being basically homebound since the injury. Diana has also had her time in the hospital with an old heart problem that they are now going to fix in January so that should take care of her heart issue. Winter came too fast with everything going on and we had to rush to try and get the flower beds put to sleep for the winter. We didn't quite make it but at least all the leaves got done this year unlike last year when the ice storms hit too early and too hard. So far it's just cold with the occasional flurry of snow. Are you all set for Christmas? Have your sent your loved one's a reminder that you would love a gift certificate from us? We have many husbands and children that are getting use to doing this and it has become a yearly thing for some of our stitcher's to get help with adding to their stash.

Shop News: Shepherd's Bush has several new designs since the last newsletter including a little girl's stocking called "Anna". Several kits have been released these past few months and they have also continued their very cute "Scatter" series with "Scatter Christmas" and "Scatter Pumpkins". Bent Creek has continued the Snapperbet series and has only 1 more chart left to finish this series. The Big Zipper series that started last year has been completed and is really neat! They have a new Globe kit this year called "Gingerbread Globe". As usual this is done on the 18ct linen with the pearl cotton and comes with everything needed to stitch the project.Heart in Hand has released this year's Santa and he is so cute that we had to order him in a couple of times. Trilogy just sent us their new designs including Momma Bette which is their snowman (woman) for this year and for those of you familiar with their Line-up series they have a new one called "Christmas Lineup".Littlehouse of Needleworks have a new series with theCrescent Colours threads included called "From Sea to Shining Sea". A very nice representation of homes and environment across America with a border surrounding 5 different house/scenes. Crescent Colours have 2 designs of their own called "All in Moon" and "All in a Sleigh". These of course include the threads along with the buttons. A simple idea with a unique twist of a moon and a sleigh with the alphabet swirling around the central idea. Really cute done up! Lizzie Kate's flipit series for 2008 is complete and we anxiously await next year's series. We do have a taste of the Flipit series starting in January, it is called the "Boo Club" and is all Halloween based and will be a Double flip like last year with 2 designs per chart along with the buttons to do both designs. We are taking pre-orders on this series and if you are interested in seeing the completed project just come in and ask Diana to show you on the computer. Lizzie Kate has a Special Edition Kit for Christmas this year again and it is even cuter than last year!Pine Mountain Designs have completed this year's top tie series and we are waiting to see what the new year will bring for them. They also have a couple of new kits for stitching that are small and include everything for stitching including a cute little frame. Homespun Elegance has released several new designs including their annual ornaments and Cinnamon Stick Santa. Be sure to stop and see these new designs soon! Victoria Sampler is continuing her alphabet samplers but is getting close to the end, and is on "V is for Valentine". She also has 2 nice books/designs for Christmas including "Beautiful Finishing 3-Little Houses". Great finishing instructions for ornament houses along with 4 more houses that can be companioned with the Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament issue that contains another house designed by Thea. 2 new designs from Cathy at Victoria Sampler called "Button Up For Christmas". 2 books with each having 2 ornament designs, the first has a snowman and Christmas stocking and the second has a gingerbread cookie and angel. Sweetheart Tree continues with her alphabet kit series with "O is for Owl" and soon to be released "P is for Princess". She is starting a new series of monthly samplers featuring the flower and birthstone for the month, so far "January", "February" and "March" have been released. SamSarah Design Studiohas continued their bauble idea with a new series of alphabets "A is for Apple" and "B is for Bee" and in the store and the both are adorable.
We have rearranged the notions area and are adding some great new scissors and needle minders. We have been having trouble stocking our favorite zipper bags but hope that the problem will correct soon.

After Christmas Sale: Normally our sale is at the beginning of December but with all of the health appointments and Pat's therapy sessions we are going to do our December sale the 26th and 27th! 20% off store wide on in stock merchandise only. A door prize everyday and one big one for everyone that signed up in the 2 days so be sure to come in and sign up both days!

Holiday Closings:The shop will be closed the following dates during the holidays.
Thursday December 25th
Thursday January 1st

Since the Eve's fall on Wednesday we will not be closed any additional days this holiday season.

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday season and can join us at the sale December 26th and 27th!


With a Love for Stitching
Pat and Diana

July 2008 Newsletter


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